Some leveling spots.

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Some leveling spots.
Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 3:12 pm
Since i'm no good at editting the wiki page to show this stuff just thought i'd make a post on forums to help inform some people about different leveling spots. This is mostly for newbies who only exp in highport =P

Woodinville has a decent selection of low level places to go, and isn't so bad for gold either. Usually levels like 5-8 or so can exp here.
To get here: Take southwest gate exit from Highport, follow road south, past the first V till u get to town of Woodinville.From north entrance you can get to a few key spots, head west all the way, then follow Cardinal Way south, you can find:
The Goblin house:
Goblin hookers: levels 6 or 7 mobs
Goblin moralists: level 6, aggressive, sometimes arrive in groups
The Lilac house:
Lilac ladies: level 6 mobs can drop decent gold for their exp
Johns: level 4 or 5
The Yellow Rose:
A variety of low level mobs arrive here, can be done at levels 3-5 probably.
Also, along the south road of First Street, the hall exit will lead to
Woodinville Officials: these are about level 4 but can drop heartwood wands (which cast vig) that sell for 600-800 gold.
From the town hall here, go street, north(x7) and door for pawnshop. The clinic is located 2 east of the hall exit on First Street.

Durgas Falls Pickaxe Pub
To get there: Take highports east gate exit, then follow the river southeast until you see the V on the map, two square away from the town. Once at the V head west and take first door exit. From the pub here, you can exit and go w(x2),s, clinic for ticking. Pawn shop from clinic is out, s(x2),e(x2) then door.
This place is a nice leveling place from about 7-11, there is a good spawn rate with mobs ranging from levels 6 to 12 or so. In order of level it seems to go.
Dwarven elder: lowest mob, killed very easily.
Dwarven laborer: easy to kill, does low damage
Aspiring miner: similar to laborer
Dwarven mine worker: These are about level 8, hit for around 10-13 vs 60percent armor
Dwarven brewer: Level 9 mobs, hit around 11-14 vs 60percent armor, they can circle however, so just flee if you get stunned.
Dwarven metallurgist: Level 10, around same hp as brewer but they can cast crush for 20 or so, just make sure you flee before ur at that many hp.
Dwarven beardmaster: I think these are level 12 (or 11), they can hit for 20 vs level 9's 60percent armor so it might be best to group vs them or be even level at least.

All of the mobs in this place can drop stuff to sell, ranging from argentine armor set (worse than large plate mail), to mystical chainmail shields which sell for 1k each.

Re: Some leveling spots.
Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 8:50 pm
There's actually a leveling guide that I'd worked on, in the wiki, if you want to add to that.

I've put a lot of the information from posts here into the wiki. I'm thinking that's more convenient for newbies, instead of coming here to the forums and trying to look for posts relevant to their questions.
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Re: Some leveling spots.
Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 8:53 pm
yah, just im no good at editing the wiki, hence why i made this post so someone else can copy/paste it into wiki lawlz no dirty work for me!

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