Bring back the Wall of Shame! bwahahaha

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Bring back the Wall of Shame! bwahahaha
Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 1:39 pm


Unfortunately, some players or staff members seem to like to cheat to get ahead by blatantly violating the policies of Realms of Hell, or simply just do unfounded and stupid things to us or other players. Normally, these people are just jailed for certain times depending on the severity of their crime. However, sometimes they are deleted from the game entirely and even not allowed to come back. On this page, we will keep a record of who commited such attrocities to our mud or the players on it. Please try to keep yourself off of this page. It is most definitely not cool to be on it.

15 November, 1998
Mew and Fenix have been jailed due to violations of the policy on exploiting bugs (Number 8). A DM witnessed them talking about it, and it was clear that they knew something was wrong. Informing a DM was mentioned but it didn't happen. Upon seeing this, the DM (Rapture), jailed them both for 2 days. They get out on the 17th of November.

16 November, 1998
Reap, a former CT at Realms (he has been fired), was found to have been using his abilities as a CT in order to advance his character (Lotus). Unfortunately for poor old Reap, this was all logged. All of his characters of any significance have been dusted. He also helped out his buddy Tresserhorn (also Impaler). Tresserhorn unfortunately succumbed to the wants of illegality and had to be dusted as well (so was Impaler). Better luck next time, guys...Maybe you should just play fair.

05 March, 1999
Albrecht was found to have hacked into someone's character(Bite) and suicided him. He readily admitted to such, and then claimed that he shouldn't be punished because he asked Vile for Bite's password. Vile refused to give him the password, so Albrecht took it upon himself to hack it and suicide Bite. As we don't like this sort of thing here at Realms, and Albrecht readily admitted to doing it, all his characters were dusted. Good job, Albrecht! You're lucky you weren't site locked.......

08 April, 1999
Radu, brother of our esteemed CT, Occulus, was found to have hacked his brother's character and given himself eqipment. As the DMs were not too fond of this, Radu and any of his characters they could find were immediately dusted. Radu will be an outlaw from now on should he attempt play here again. Good job, Radu! Cheaters never win......

13 May, 1999
Recently, Mastemage (aka Masteassassin, Mastermind, etc..) was found to have purposely crashed the game. After intense interrogation by a DM, it was learned pretty much without a doubt that he had done this. As a result, the poor sap was dusted. After he was caught by being so STUPID, it was learned from other sources that it was NOT in fact Mastemage that did it, but the person Mastemage was sharing with. The other source also confirmed 100% that he was in fact trying to crash. The person Mastemage was sharing with is none other then the sad and lonely little boy Dede, who had been ousted from Realms for crimes committed in the past against the mud. Dede apparently decided he needed to crash the game as an augmentation to his normally sad, pathetic, and lonely life. Poor Dede. Everyone should feel sorry for him. The staff sure does. Maybe when he grows up he will be allowed to play here again. Or maybe not.... Until then, sorry make us laugh.

07 November, 1999
Today, we added another jackass to our shame collection. You may know him as Fishboy/Alexander/Leecher/Ambush/Lazuras/Lapis/Bigman. We will call him Fishboy, as that's an aptly stupid name to describe an aptly stupid person. It seems Fishboy was sharing with Agmond the monk. Due to his inability to play well, Fishboy got Agmond deleveled several times. He then proceeded to make up a story about how Agmond got poisoned for 80 damage at random like 3 times, and it caused him to die. He also said that "Realms must have been hacked!" and insisted that we look into this. Well, we did, and well...SORRY Fishboy, but we were not hacked, and it's impossible to take 80 damage from poison. See for yourself:

ply_ptr->hpcur -= MAX(1,mrand(1,4)-bonus[(int)ply_ptr->constitution]);

This means that you will take 1-4 + your con bonus in damage per tick. So in order to take 80 damage, you'd have to have like a -100 constitution (assuming our bonuses even went that low), or you'd have to redefine mathematics as we know it so a random number between 1-4 can return 80. Unfortunately, Fishboy, even we cannot do that. How did you?

Well, we told poor little Fishboy this, and the fact that he was a confused little boy, and he didn't like that. So he went nuts and decided to cuss out the staff and log on each of his characters in turn and broadcast profanities (they were all dusted.) We don't take kindly to such things, after all. Anyway, unfortunately, Agmond had to be dusted as well, although the original Agmond didn't actually do anything wrong that we know of. Sadly, this is life when you share your character with a moron. Choose more carefully next time!

22 December, 1999
New addition! Today we have yet another jackass to add to our wonderful wall!! You all may know him (or have KNOWN him in this case) as Magius, Nakrul, Rai, Lordsoth, or Arak.

Well, it seems Magius was killing things here and there, and from time to time Twig and Kim (the infamous engulfing mages) would come into the room, kill the stuff he was killing, and get the stuff on the ground sometimes. Now this isn't a very nice thing to do, but they did things within the bounds of etiquette. But one of the times, Kim decided to get all. Well, good ol Magius decided to go whine to the DMs, who in turn watched Kim and Twig do their naughty deeds, and saw Kim do it again. Kim was outlawed. Now, punishment was being done...justice served! But was that good enough for Magius the Crying Mage? Nope!

Instead of waiting for the DMs to do their jobs, Magius took it upon himself to spam mudmail both Twig and Kim unbecoming and superfluous content of a malign nature. Well, since spamming is illegal in any form, and in this case, it has a definite record in Twig's and Kim's mudmail files (Magius wasn't too bright now, was he?), Magius got outlawed for 15 minutes. Now bare in mind, he SHOULD have been jailed for spamming since spamming is ILLEGAL and not just an etiquette violation. The DM was being nice. So how did Magius repay that leniancy dare we ask?

After being outlawed, Magius went on a rampage of cussing out the staff and suiciding all his characters. As mentioned before, we don't take too kindly to this sort of thing, and no one online likes it much either. Well, poor old Magius is gone now. Sitelocked even!

Too bad Magius, all you had to do was take 15 minutes of the medicine you were given. Maybe you can come back when you grow up....or maybe just grow a brain...whichever comes first...

31 July, 2000
Yes friends! It has been a whole 8 months of the new millenium before we could get a new moron to expand our wonderful wall! The deviant in question is known to many as Kuroi, Tanin, Thoth, Phat etc...

You see, Kuroi, playing Phat at the time, decided with his peanut-sized brain that it was cool to try to get someone killed by a monster. So taking his infantile thoughts and forming them into pathetic action, he decided to try to exploit a bug and get Nicolae killed in the clinic while he was simply minding his own business.

Well, Phat was dusted, and Kuroi and most allof his other characters were soon jailed. When confonted with his misdeed, he first denied it, then finally accepted his fate. Luckily, Dominus felt nice enough just to jail him. BUT THEN.....Kuroi had the audacity to ask Dominus to let him go simply because he had helped Dominus on Isengard eons ago. Well, Dominus didn't want to listen to this reason. Mantis, however, suggested that Dominus release Kuroi, which made Kuroi happy. Not for long though, because Mantis promptly jailed him again, being careful to site that Kuroi hadn't ever helped him on that rat infested mud Isengard ever. Kuroi then decided to beg for mercy, stating of all defenses that he was ON DRUGS so he couldnt be held accountable for his actions!! HAHAHAHA we got a good laugh out of this one - it was a first.
Kuroi, just say NO! Thank you for making us all laugh at you. We needed that.
"There's nothing wrong with shooting, so long as the right people get shot." --Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force

Re: Bring back the Wall of Shame! bwahahaha
Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 3:15 pm
Dec, 2001
Yes! It is about time, my friends, that we add more miscreants to our wonderful wall of shame! Of late, we have had some dastardly deeds take place - namely duplicating items and crashing the game! And who might you ask are the culprits of this most heinous deed? None other than Angel, Twig, Bleed, Jaime, Jolly, blah blah blah, many characters, we here at our wall of shame committee simply lose track. BUT we were able to find as many of them that matter, rest assured! You see...these 'brilliant criminals' hatched a scheme born out of bug abuse and general idiocy.
It seems at one point, Bleed was teleported and found himself in the unlikely location of being in the back room of Gogol's Shop in Highport....well, needless to say, there was much free booty in there, so Bleed decided to pick as much of it up as possible. Bleed, in his greed, chose not to use the very obvious 'out' exit in the room to get himself out of the shop's storeroom - it isn't like he was trapped in there. He logged into there over 50 times! Of course he also had much interesting things in his inventory, which he dropped from time to time so his accomplices could buy them out of Gogol's Shop when they otherwise were not sold anywhere - namely loot bags, Elicia's ring, and sapphire earrings, and who knows what else had we not been more astute in catching them. At one point, Bleed tried to load his loot bag full of Glabrezu's blood, an item which would sell for over 20k a pop, and he dropped the loot bag trying to sell it with its nebulous contents. Of course the game didn't like it when Candy (the token level 1 they logged on for this) tried to buy and then look in the bag - CRASH! Thus we add crashing as well as duplicating items to the list of charges! Why that is a dusting offence, isn't it! Oh my!

My friends...what do you think happened to these dastardly criminals? Well, seeing as they were on a shared network at home, there is no telling who knew about all this, or who was playing what did we do? Pursuant to the policy on shared characters, we trashed as many of them as possible, is what! Of course they were insistent that Cor had no knowledge of what happened. So it was decided Cor can rot in the evil dungeon of despair for a month while we decide his further fate...hopefully, he can repent, but we doubt it...

Of course these stupid criminals blame us for their idiotic acts - blame us at the wall committee for their wanton acts of illegality, and take no responsibility of their own. Perhaps one day they will all grow up and realize the errors of their ways and accept responsibility for their actions...until then....cheaters never win guys...better luck wherever the hell else you go, because we really don't want you back!
"There's nothing wrong with shooting, so long as the right people get shot." --Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force

Re: Bring back the Wall of Shame! bwahahaha
Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 10:35 pm
haha these always make me laugh. I know many more things that should be on here.

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