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Druid Guide
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 at 9:01 pm
haha, I found Luminaire's druid player guide entitled "Druids Gone Wild!" - but I don't know how well it adapts to the changes of the mud since it was posted.


posted September 17, 2003 10:24 PM
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Alright so not enough people play druids, and never have so, hopefully this may change that some. I've played every class to level 10 at one point or another and have always remade my main character as a druid. They are a very versitile class that can easily solo and make a nice addition to any group. First, lets cover their abilities:

Track(the ability) - I used track a lot when hunting victims to PK, but it can also be used to see if anyone else is in the area you are hunting in (in case you are worried an unfriendly chaotic might be around).

Conjure - This ability is what makes druids what they are. The conjure ability will conjure a pet for 4-9 minutes, depending on your piety and pets can be summoned once every 10 minutes. The druid pets can be of any of the four main elements and will cast spells accordingly, the best pet of level 7 can at times cast a level 3 spell, and the best pet of level 13 can cast a level 4 spell. At higher levels some pets will also cast healing type spells on themselves and their master.

Barkskin - For chaotics that are worried about losing their armor this is a good way to go. Based upon the players constitution, their AC is lowered for a decent period of time. The lowest I ever had mine go was -3 with protection so it's nothing to scoff at.

Commune - A great ability for PK since it will detect invisible creatures and hidden creatures in all surrounding rooms, even if you do not have d-i on. The ability lists every creature in all exits linked to the room you are in, this ability will not work if indoors.

Along with those abilities, druids are one of the only 2 classes that can cast the trackspell which is invaluable and will save your life more than once. It will, assuming you make friends, save your friends' lives too if they need immediate assistance. It can also be used to PK though I highly discourage using this method as it can be countered easily. Druids are one of the ONLY class that doesn't have to pledge or worship a god and can cast the heal spell also. Assuming someone eventually finds it this can be a powerful tool, until then try using heal wands. Also, druids are one of the only two classes that are able to use Entangle which is an insanely powerful spell used in PK, and useful for certain mobs that might flee into hostile territory.

Druids get 5 hp / 4 mp per level and start with a base of 15 H / 4 M. I am a big advocate of not playing as a Human since I like to roleplay and RP'ing a human is downright boring. I will suggest stats for playing as human but strongly urge you play an elven type race, feel free to change the stats to your liking not everyone plays the same way. My stat recommendation, which I've never told anyone (so feel special) is 8 3 13 14 18 Human +pie -dex. The benefits of this are by level 16 you will have over 100 HP and 18 int, 18 +1 piety is the only way a druid can ever achieve 25 piety also, which means it is the only way to ever attain 9 minute pets. Having higher constitution will also help your barskin and the damage you take from poison. I suggest using either ceremonial athames or elder staffs as a primary weapon since they hit harder than hardwoods, though before bows were affected by dex I had quite an extensive collection. Athames are a great +2 since they are extremely light and low bulk. At any rate, weapons and armor are completely up to your own preference.

I never really relied on stunning mobs or perms which is why I prefer the stats that I do, if you like to use stun then obviously your stats and fighting strategy will differ. Druids are the best non-cleric healing class in the game followed closely by paladins. Many fighting areas have been listed in the guide to fighters post so if you are unfamiliar with where to fight you should check there, I would like to add a few areas however.

Levels 4-10: Querost hidden trail, deer, bear, stags, wolves or Caladon Sqaure(8-13)
Levels 11-15: Dwarven mines, Blackrabbit, Gnomish Airship, Fox and hound, Inquisitors, Gnomebarrow bandits and Temple of Ceris
Levels 15-19: Meadhil, Firedrake mines

There are many other areas obviously to fight, some really good ones that are listed in Delta's post so I didn't mention.

As far as training goes, druid's level to level 2 in a hidden area in the Southbeach Woods and from then on in the Druidwood.

From level 4 on they are required to trade a training item and I will once again give you the information on where they all are.

boogun collar: obtained by the fiery dogs somewhere near tradetown

gorseberry cluster: retrieve these from gardeners of durgas falls or, as i remember milton the money exchanger used to drop them as well

elfin whip: kept by a lovely elf maiden in the city of tradetown

mud ball: the clay covered gnomish maidens that live in durgas carry these obscure objects

gum stick: kept by the leisa's in a certain area of the maiden's forest in the druidwood

eagle feather: on one of the highest areas of the firedrakes, the great eagles reside

sprite magic bow: kept secret by the potent sprite father who now hides somewhere deep in the druidwood

a lava: the pelau priestess of fort drejur carry these tokens of their power over fire

dragon teeth: slay the vermilion dragons of meadhil and claim these as reward

aspen leaf: carried by druid hermits that wander the druidwood

elven saddle: used to tame elvensteeds deep within the meadhil wood

bridal nosegay: a lovely arrangement carried by agronomist mages of durgas falls

dwarven keg: check out ironguard brewmasters for these...or raid Luxor's storage room, silly drunk pali

Once again, this post is more to aquaint you with the knowledge of what a druid is about, I encourge you to have fun and make friends, group and explore or just explore on your own, there is much out there that only a small percentage of players will ever know about so have fun. Druid's are great explorers since they hide/sneak extremely well for a casting class and do not forget about Commune. Also, druids are also IMMUNE to room damage by crawling vines, you can find such rooms in the Meadhil and there were a few on old tobago as well. I'm sure there will be more in the future. One last point is that the camouflage spell will last infinitely long on a druid as long as he or she remains in a forest or jungle enviornment.

This post was not created so you could learn how to level "super-dooper" fast so you can be the most powerful Archdruid to strut your stuff and be a 1337 HaX0r...But hopefully, when I check the demographics I'll see an increase in druids' percentage.

Re: Druid Guide
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 at 10:38 pm
What a crappy guide...who does that guy think he is?

Re: Druid Guide
Saturday, December 8th, 2007 at 11:04 am
Haha, it mentions "Delta's post"

I wonder what that was...

Re: Druid Guide
Monday, December 10th, 2007 at 8:39 am
Druid Stat Cycle:


and repeat..

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