Beginner's Help File

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Beginner's Help File
Thursday, March 15th, 2007 at 9:28 pm
I'm looking for someone to write me a beginner's help file. I don't want to do it because 1) it's take a long time, and I have no free time as it is and 2) I'm lazy. :P

For an entire, complete file to help newbies get around, I'm offering a "get out of Limbo free" card. I'm sure this will be extra enticing once you get your high-level characters back.

Read through "help welcomerealms". Essentially, you are rewriting this file. Be sure to include new changes to how the mud works! For example, there's no mention on saving throws or even watchers!

Also, if you're going to take on this task, make sure the file you submit to me has proper line breaks so it will display in the mud.
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