Guide to Aramon Clerics

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Guide to Aramon Clerics
Thursday, April 19th, 2007 at 11:43 am
Clerics are a very versatile and one of the more powerfull classes in the game. I have leveled both an Enoch and Aramon cleric past level 19, and feel they are both great clasees to play. I will start off by warning that clerics are not an easy class to play. I wouldn't recommend playing one until you have a strong knowledge of the game and game mechanics. As a cleric, others lives are in your hand, if you can't keep the group alive, your not going have many friends, and you not going to level very high. If you feel that you can deal with this responisibilty, then clerics are a great choice to play. You will find that clerics can be played in such a variety of ways, that nothing in the game is off limits.

Aramon clerics following the god Aramon, which represents death, destructions, and all things evil. Their sole purpose is to bring death and destruction to Derlith. As a follower of Aramon you should strive to kill, scheme against, and destroy all things good and bright in the world. Followers of Aramon are powerful in controlling the dead (necromancy). They are able to call undead beings to aid them in battle. You must be at least reddish aura to animate, and each title your pets become stronger. They will begin to bash, bite, cast, and hit hard. You will also be able to enthrall any undead creature, meaning it will not attack you while you are killing it. Also, undead across the world will recognize you are a follower of Aramon, which will protect you from unwanted attacks. Aramon clerics are able to sit in fast spawning undead areas, and kill mobs one at a time. You will be able to easily get some of the better items in the game, which are close to impossible for others to get.

Aramon clerics must try to remain as evil as possible, otherwise their healing will suffer, also falling below reddish aura will make you unable to animate pets. Aramon does not support the healing of others, therefore, you will not heal others as well as you heal yourself. If you heal someone with a good aura, Aramon will shock you for 5-10 damage. You will be limited to wearing only light armor, but there is a great deal of really good red aura light armor around. Just as other clerics, you will be able to pray for 5 piety, and teach certain clerical spells.

Aramon clerics are in an on going battle versus good. As a follower of Aramon you must kill all righteous creatures, especially followers of Enoch. You must kill them on sight. The two clerics are able to kill each other at anytime, with no restriction, even if bothe characters are lawful. You will also always recieve experience for killing rival clerics.

Stats- Aramon clerics can be played several different ways, but the only real choice race wise is Human. The reason being is that Piety is the most important stat for clerics. You will want max piety for healing, enthrall, and animate. Other then piety, you can play the character many different builds. But there are 3 that I feel are decent to look at.


Pros- Hit harder, miss less, carry more, last longer in battle
Cons= Casting will suck, resist-magic for less, tick slower

Using this build your starting stats should resemble 18 3 11 6 18, add piety and subtract dexterity. At level 30, this would put you at 21 8 17 14 25(30 prayed). You would have max piety, a good amount of strength, 30 more HP, and a decent amount (in later levels) of intel.

If you wanted to shoot more mid-range then u could use 18 3 14 3 18, raise piety and lower dex. At 19, you would be at 20 6 17 8 23(28).


Pros- Hit good, cast hard, tick faster, resist-magic for 100%
Cons- lower HP, which when killing unded, makes things very scary

Starting stats should resemble 15 3 3 17 18, add piety and lower dex. This would have you end up with 19 8 9 25 25(30) at level 30, with 30 less HP then a con build cleric.


Pros- lots of HP, cast hard, resist-magic 100%, last longer in battle
Cons- carry less, hit for less, and miss a little more

These stats are a little harder to play at lower levels, but once you reach 13 you hardly notice it. In my opinion these are the best stats to play, and let you do so more then the other two builds. Your starting stats should be 6 3 12 17 18, add piety subtract dex. At level 30, you will have 9 8 18 25 25(30)

Where to level:

Level 1-4: kill gutter rats, they spawn fast, cant hit you, and usually die in one hit.
Level 4-7: kill crabs in south beach park and also tourists. You can also kill woodinville officials and curators if your careful.
Level 7-10: kill woodinville officials, lilac ladies, sendralian fanatics, docks workers, longshoremen (with group)
Level 10-13: kill longshoreman, dock workers, professors

Once you hit 13 the fun begins. You can kill just about anything you want, you just have to make sure to align if you get off aura.

Level 13-16: Kill revenants, ghosts, Seagull and Mug, docks, Fisher priests, seraphic defenders.

Level 16+: Revenants, ghosts, shadow demons, Seagull, Undead treants, rotting ghasts, etc.

Early levels are done in the temple off of southbeach avenue in highport. After level 7 you must level inside the inner city gates at the temple to Aramon.

Re: Guide to Aramon Clerics
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 3:48 pm
How do i get the inner city key in Caladon?

Re: Guide to Aramon Clerics
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 5:02 pm
Get it from the guard. it spawns outside the locked gate.

Re: Guide to Aramon Clerics
Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 7:39 pm
WOW, I wish I knew about this when I leveled my cleric. Oh you say pets hit harder as you level? I guess it has been a year since you've played. Has anyone seen Arc??

Re: Guide to Aramon Clerics
Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 6:19 am
what was wrong with mine Sad

Re: Re: Guide to Aramon Clerics
Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 4:00 pm
disaron wrote:
what was wrong with mine Sad

You wrote it.

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