Druid Leveling Items

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Druid Leveling Items
Thursday, April 19th, 2007 at 8:54 am
This was originally posted by Deviant on Domboard, it should still be accurate.

Druid Items

Level 5 - Boogun collar
- Boogun
- Can be found outside of Tradetown's northeast gates. Cave exit when you see bridge (burning room)

Level 6 - gorseberry cluster
- Gardner
- In Durgas Falls, look around till you see a park exit then hidden exit inside park is SOUTH then continue path to gardeners

Level 7 - elf whip
- Elven Maiden
- In Tradetown Silverhand Tavern, It's a night only exit and the elf maidens come daytime only

Level 8 - Gum Stick
- Liesas
- found in the southeast part of the forest(druidwood low lvl area)

Level 9 - mud ball
- Gnomish Maidens
- These are found in Durga's fall. search for a gnome maiden, from Durga's clinic it's east east north northeast east south I believe.

Level 10 - Eagle feather
- Great eagle
- can be found near fairie dragons (search in the dragons room)

Level 11 - sprite bow
- Sprite fathers
- Can be found in druidwoods north of the Mabon grove(willow grove)

Level 12 - lava
- Pelesula Priestesses
- firedrake mountains in Fort Drejur.

Level 13 - dragon teeth
- vermilion dragons
- in meadhil woods.(hidden cave exit)go tree east(all) north east east south south (go cave)

Level 14 - aspen leaf
- Druid Hermit
- missiletoe grove

Level 15 - elven saddle
- Elven steed
- Elvenwood from tree exit in Meadhil go all the way east than north north go clearing go rope up up east northeast go adjoining east east northeast north northwest go adjoining northeast, they spawn around there.

Level 16 - bridal nosegay
- arg mages
- park exit in Durgus falls

Level 17 - dwarven keg
- Dwarven brewmasters
- Ironguard keep outside pawn shop
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