im rich bitch

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im rich bitch
Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 1:43 am
Players currently online:
[40:Dung] C Bane the Elven Ladies Man
[14: M/A] C Carebear the Dark-Elven Cabalist/Murderer (Veneficus Atrum) [Rock Hard]
[38:Cler] C Disaron Torneria the Human Acolyte (Enoch) [Rock Hard]
[40:Pala] C Gitan Vonmuir the Human Holy Grand Master Crusader (Enoch) [Rock Hard]
[23:Drui] N Tesla the Human Archdruid [Rock Hard]
[11: T/M] C Thaela the Cambion Cat Burglar/Occultate (Shadow Masters)

(201 H 149 M): 
Gold Vein

Obvious exits: up, down.
You see Gitan Vonmuir.
You see 200 glistening gold nuggets.


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