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Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at 7:22 pm
Take heart adventurers of Derlith! My friend, a bard of little repute, suffers from an injustice most foul. His grandmother, a poor lonely widow from the farms of Hampton has tragically had her kidney dialysis machine damaged by goblins raiding from the nearby fields. My friend sought help from the bard college for information on how to repair the machine. The cruel and injust Aaron Silvertongue told my friend only an oboe from the evil city of Caladon would repair the damaged machine. He dastardly withheld further information despite the graveness of the situation. Please believe without the oboe my friend's grandmother will die in a pool of her own toxic waste. The situation is most dire! To add insult to injury the evil bard instructor failed to mention his seraphic nature would not go over too well with the guards of Caladon. He very nearly died! Just trying to save his poor old grandmother .. Please adventurers if you are withholding knowledge of this mysterious oboe including its whereabouts and whom may be in possession of it, do not hesitate to contact my friend the bard, or just leave a message here.

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