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Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 6:27 am
The "newer" breed of ROH players are fucking sad and pathetic. You whine and moan about things until Dom/Bane/Ocelot decide to look into them and decide they have put too much time to have some crybaby leave over it, so you get your way.


Aramon pets- shut the hell up already. Arc was level 27 way before any of the nubs playing Aramon now, and he raped, his pets raped etc. Delta was 30 before any changes to pets were made and we saw how he killed most stuff at 30 that most of you are scared to kill with a group of 30. Luminaire was 25+ and was doing shit no one else would, no complaints. His pets were fine. Azudn, same damn thing.

Now some nub cried and whined close to 30 times on the forums. I don't even remember the name of the idiot.

Death xp loss- Do you know how many MFking times I died on Disaron after I got him to 25? Close to 45 if not more, I didn't have this pussy ass xp loss that you nubs have. Did it piss me off to die? Hell yes, but I kept playing. Ask Melfina, 99% of the time I refused to even get a ressurrect, and I got them free because Mel was my leveling partner.

Now its so low there is basically no penalty for death, except you have to sit around and afk a sickness off. Pathetic. Just so you pansy ass cry babies would keep playing. You know how many hours of releveling I did on Disaron? Probably weeks. My own fault but it sure was better then this crap now.

Then lets get to quests/spells. None of you can seek shit out on your own. You beg others to help errr tell you where to get it, and ask them to take you. No balls or patience to find stuff on your own. It didn't help that a certain someone was on the inside showing people where things were, hell I was guilty of help from him a few times, but now there is basically no point to questing because everyone has it all and its common knowledge.

If I see another person broadcast where is this then be like tell me where it is after someone hints (which only a select few only give hints, most of you just give it up), I am going to make a point to make your stay here a pain in the ass.

PK- My god where to begin.

First, people cried about dying at low levels. Mainly Trist/Solo/Zty, but others as well. So what happens, you cant be pked below level 7 now. One of the best things right after the purge of 02 was everyone fighting to get the things they needed to restart. Now if we purged that would not even be possible.

Second, what the hell is this bullshit of you posting caps proud that you killed someone with a crit weapon. What is so impressive about that. Before you babies came along, there was very little of that BS, and most people that did it, only did it because they didn't have the skills to get kills on their own.

Thena didn't do that shit. Cancer/Nasty/Virus? Nope. There are countless other sick pkers, and if they wanted to kill you, you died, nothing stopped it besides you sitting in a N room like a baby. You could not kill them if you wanted, and they made your life hell. But it gave you something to work for and a reason to get better. Now its just who has more crit weapons. Personally, I wish Dom would get rid of every damn crit weapon in the game, then we would see who is actually decent at this game and who isn't.

Finally, what the hell was with the period where everyone moaned, cried, bitched, and acted like a big cock was shoved in their asses if they died. People cried "I am just gonna quit, blah blah blah." Now everyone has their high level chars and wants to act like they are hard asses. You aren't shit, and none of you will go down as a notorious bad ass of ROH. Those people are legend, and we will never see anyone dominant like that again.

Exploits- My god, the year or so I didn't play, I would get there were 10-20 incidents of people exploiting listed on the forums, most of which got a few days in jail. How many chars are upper level off of exploits? I can bet several. From botters, to people having a bugged AC, to people abusing pet bugs. Back a few years ago you would all be dusted, whining about quitting, and more than likely in a week you'd be playing again. Now you get a week to find an exploit to level another character and laugh about how your character is closer to 30 much easier then others.

Two to three years ago this place was dead. Some people got tired of things, others got busy with life, and a lot got sick of exploits by Teeter the Cheater, and Elarawiel. No one played. One day I missed playing here, and was sick of other games. No one logged on. Days, weeks, 3 months, no one logged but me. I got a character to level 21 before I could convince one person to come back. Then more came. Then Teeter shut shit down, and me and a few others tracked Dom down over AIM. Everything started fresh, Dom found a way to get older chars back, he and Bane started expanding, coding, building, etc. Now this place is filled with a bunch of whining babies. I certainly enjoyed being stuck at level 11, then 16, then 19, then 22, then 25, getting killed by Cancer repeatedly, having to find quests on my own, get my own leveling items, losing 1/6th xp per death, etc etc, much more than what you babies turned this into. Dom and Bane have put years of work into this as a hobby and you guys gripe, try to exploit, whine, etc etc. I'd much rather have just remembered ROH as it was in its best days then have this pathetic excuse of a shell of the past. A lot of you turned this place into a cess pool of crap. Grow the fuck up. You will never compare to the players of the past no matter what level you are and how dumbed down you whine things into becoming.

Re: Pathetic
Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 11:23 pm
Haha, I think you've covered pretty much everything anyone's hesitant to rant about. Although, I do have to admit that the "certain someone" you mention was the one who got me interested in exploring and doing quests and such. Back when my main character was still Usagi, she wasn't a caster and didn't need armor, so there was no point in looking for anything. All I really did was sit at Seagull and Mug all day (unless Cancer came looking for me).

I do like a lot of the new things that have been added into RoH. Some of these new things are inevitably going to make the place "friendlier" to newer players ... which is good and bad. Good for those of us that were all once new to this game, bad for those of us that eventually learn about everything and feel it's way too easy. To keep all the angst away, I've just kept myself challenged by not ever grouping with others for my experience and working on finding ways to solo crazy perms. But I admit it is hard sometimes, when you know others are gaining so much more ... in exchange for the pride.

As far as the death penalty goes ... I will agree that I never really liked the idea of lowering it. This was also a big topic of argument on Isengard, which I never did side with. But I am biased in that I rarely die; if I ever do, it's because of lag/pulled a Delta (falling asleep at the keyboard, consequently not logging off and dying to room damage, weird mobs, etc. wtf stuff)/found something absolutely pwns ... which is rare. I've always played it smart and safe, since dying on Isengard was a loss of days and days of gameplay. It'll be super hard to convince anyone to agree with a change back to the old death penalty, but I don't think even that is the major problem ...

I believe the problem, now, is due to changes made *after* the death penalty was lowered.

1. Experience is waaaay easier to get now. Group experience and better mobs makes things a lot more convenient.
2. Ceris clerics aren't such a big deal now. This is due to two things: having a "community" Ceris cleric available (Mr. Juju) and Dom installing the perms in Limbo. I'm not saying either of these moves are wrong, but it does greatly affect people's ambition to stay alive and avoid dying every day.

I am a little boggled by the attitude towards pkilling these days. I'll admit I've always steered clear of drama when I can, but I've managed to take out a few people on Plu that used to pick on me when I used to play Usagi. Silver weapons + werewolves were basically a one or two shot kill ... they used to grief me all the time. I didn't complain a bit since I knew what I was signing up for as a chaotic, and I just ended up turning lawful when I hit level 25 or so since it was getting in the way of my experience grinding. But when I came back to get my revenge on Plu, everyone started whining about me picking on them. Isn't that the fun in being chaotic? I didn't level up a casting backstabber for nothing ...

I'm sure there's more, but at the moment, I haven't let all these things concern me since RoH is still in development and needing more players as it is. But I do think there needs to be some change down the line if we'd like to keep older players interested, when the bigger issues have been worked out.

Re: Pathetic
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 at 5:29 am
....Dom and Bane have put years of work into this as a hobby and you guys gripe, try to exploit, whine, etc etc....


PLEASE do not forget about me. :P
"There's nothing wrong with shooting, so long as the right people get shot." --Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force

Re: Pathetic
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 at 11:10 am
I've been trying for years...

Hey man...nice pants...

Re: Pathetic
Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 3:01 pm

Re: Pathetic
Friday, July 17th, 2009 at 11:49 amEdits: 1   Last Edit: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 4:51 pm
hrmm what low lvls did i play ? pretty sure your drunk again son, anyway u win disaron the king of quit mr i throw a fit, u payed for a cleric to be lvled while u sat on it being carried i sir salute u and havent forgot david maxwell is really just a angry man in a room alone banging on a keybord,sup to anyone who hasnt let there glutton like ego smother the light of reason from there mind.

Re: Pathetic
Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 12:56 am
All these references to me, I must be a pop legend. :P

Sorry I have been away for so long, I haven't read the boards in months.

But Dom and I have a quest in development for Wednesday (9-16-09), so get excited, unless I have too much work @ work.

Re: Pathetic
Sunday, October 25th, 2009 at 2:22 amEdits: 1   Last Edit: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 2:26 pm
Referencing people posting critical deaths? Yea that's me. Anyone thats known my alias pre purge knows I had a 100% fkn pkill record and I was unstoppable.

It's not retarded at least I'm proactively hunting ppl down and killing them.
It's all about who gets the first strike, since you probably don't pkill much you wouldn't know the game of cat and mouse that goes in when it's a one shot deal.

So don't slam me for posting my conquests, at least with me there will be pwnage.

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