Gaia wants some too!

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Gaia wants some too!
Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 1:51 pm
You ambush Gaia!
You crushed Gaia for 34 damage.
You impaled Gaia for 122 damage.
(204 H 58 M): get gold
Gaia avoided full damage.
You cast a thunderbolt spell on Gaia.
The spell did 37 damage.
You killed Gaia.
### Sadly, Gaia was killed by Hiou.
Gaia dropped: glacier-studded gloves, steel-studded moccasins, alanthium
corbite ring, ace of spades, glacier-spiked buckler, rune-encrusted dagger.

Outside the Meadhil Wood

You are just outside the Meadhil Wood.
The Wood's giant and majestic trees tower to the sky to the north.
A small trail can be seed leading into the trees. You cannot see
very far into the Wood, as it is quite thick. To the east is a
small trading hut run by rangers of Meadhil. To the south, Meadhil
trail winds its way toward Gnomebarrow.
Obvious exits: east, south, trees.
You see an alanthium corbite ring, a rune-encrusted dagger, a statue of Hiou, a statue of Mithas.

(204 H 33 M): Thales flees to the east.
(204 H 33 M): hide
You get some steel-studded moccasins.
(204 H 33 M): Please wait 1 more second.
(204 H 33 M): go southeast
You don't see that exit.
(204 H 39 M): e

Meadhil Trading Hut

You are in a small trading hut run by rangers.
Things aren't always sold here, as the rangers have had a lot
to do lately in the Wood. Apparently more and more evil creatures
are encroaching on the forest, as well as undead. In fact, you
hear rumors from people wandering in and out that a large clan
of vampires has moved in. This shop is run by Cyrus. He is a
very old elven ranger, perhaps at least 1000 years old. He
doesn't like to fight, but when he does, I wouldn't stand in
his way. The best would be not to mess with him.
Obvious exits: west.
You see Thales.
You see Cyrus the Trader.

(204 H 39 M): hide
You attempt to hide in the shadows.
You have trouble hiding while inside.
You slip into the shadows unnoticed.
(204 H 39 M): ambush tha
You have become unhidden.
You ambush Thales!
You crushed Thales for 36 damage.
You impaled Thales for 40 damage.
(204 H 39 M): ### Thales just logged off.

At least you died right in front of my statue. Even Duff does not have that honor.

Thales you slimy creature get out of my woods!

Re: Gaia wants some too!
Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 2:04 pm
You are soooo good with your crits.

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