Guide to Ceris Cleric

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Guide to Ceris Cleric
Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 11:52 am
Ceris clerics are non violent and prefer peace and non-violent course of action. However, then can't seem to resist to help those that have a different philosophy and pursue domination and violent. Whether they are good or evil, Ceris cleris will be there to help those that need it. Thus they their alignment can swing from reddish-bluish but not max alignmment (I have not test out Royal or Blood yet). They are the strongest when grey.

Ceris might not have the strongest offensive abilities and skills but they have awesome support abilities (strong vigs and rejuvenation). With the group XP, Ceris clerics can be fun to play. In fact, it changes the way you want to play.

A low level Ceris is discovering the way of the non-violent path. But to do that, they have to be first realize the fruitless ways of violence. Thus the slow and painful process of leveling.

The discovery of this comes at level 13, when a Ceris follower realizes, its more advantages to help others. The Goddess then grants the cleric a very powerful spell, Rejuvenation. It has the ability to both heal health and magic.

Stating wise, it's best to have spell caster stats with medium con or strength. Definitely max piety. The racial choices are limited. Perhaps, the DM might open it up more.

Weapon choices = crushing, polearms or range weapons.

Training area = 2 west from Maket Stret/Kilborn/

1-10) Like typical classes, it's rough because their isn't a whole lot of abilities to help you level. Although having vig, turn, pray helps the reduce the tick and healing times.

13-16) Rejuvenation and being a support class. I find it's just as fun to rejuvenate others that to attack the mob. They more you help others level, the more incline they are to want to group with the Ceris and help you level.

19) Ressurection. Eventually, everyone will die no matter how powerful a class you are. Ressurection will recover most of the experience you lost and reduce the death sickness. It's a godlike ability. Who else can do that besides a DM.

It might seems counterintutive that the weakest attack class can actually be the most elite class. But I think people should it a try. If you want to promote groups and roleplay, Ceris is a very good class to realize such group dynamics.

BTW, once I cast reju, I am very vulernable for 20 secs. I can't heal myself. If you use healing potions and ales, that will help you heal.

Is reju as powerful as bard songs? The new bards could also be a very good supporting class as well. People will need to play more supporting classes if MP is going away for other classes. Those that are the supporting class players might reap greater rewards than the primary attack classes.

It's might also be a good newbie class as well. It gives them a chance to group and discover how play without dying on their own. All they have to do is keep the group alive. It's a simply job.

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