What do after a purge - or, Starting Anew

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What do after a purge - or, Starting Anew
Monday, February 18th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
A purge is a time for everyone to get a fresh start. I'd like to expound some of the strategies you can use after a purge. If you're starting out anew these days, there's usually someone who can help you, but that's not ALWAYS the case, right? So this might help too.

There's basically two paths, regardless of whether you choose chaotic or lawful. In other words, chaotic can go both of these routes.

1) PKiller
2) Grinder
3) Stuffer

Route 1: As a PKiller, your choices are obvious - play a class that's not so dependent on items, and can level fast to get ahead of the competition. Vampire is a good choice because bite is pretty powerful. Lich is a decent pkiller, but might be harder to level - and if you get outleveled, it will be substantially harder to PK. Assassin is tricky here - of course they're one of the best PKillers, if not the best, but they're rather item dependent. If you manage to get your hands on a nice backstabbing weapon, then this is also an option.

Other classes, such as berserker and paladin, might do alright, but they won't be able to PKill with the speed and efficiency of a vampire at night.

Route 2: A grinder is a character that goes straight for experience. This is not a top option for starting anew, since you be limited on items. But if you do, werewolf is a pretty good class for this, as is berserker. Werewolf doesn't need any items at all, and a berserker does fine with any old weapon, especially in a group.

Route 3: A stuffer is a character that collects "stuff" - i.e. items and gold. Your sole purpose in leveling this character isn't to get it to a terribly high level; rather it is to collect enough items or gold to supply another more item-dependent character.

For items, thief is a good option. If you can't kill it, steal it. The ease of leveling a berserker or werewolf as grinders make them a viable option; however, werewolves are limited by what + they can hit, and berserkers are more and more dependent on weapons and armor as they level up.

For gold, you'll want to get a mid-level high-constitution paladin to camp screaming skulls. Depending on what items you have, you'll be able to camp skulls as early as level 14. Use a +2 pole weapon (i.e. hardwood staff), and beat the crap out of the skulls. A pet class also works well at skulls, but might be harder to get to an appropriate level.

Any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

Re: What do after a purge - or, Starting Anew
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 5:29 pm
Sounds like real life.
1) PKiller = criminals
2) Grinder = office workers
3) Stuffer = gold-diggers

Does the type of class you pick reflect the type of person you are in real life?


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