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Old Trivia Contest
Monday, February 19th, 2007 at 8:32 pm
I used to run trivia contests on the mud - I found some of them, so I figured I would repost them here.

Question 1

* 1.a (1 point): How many letters are in the Swedish alphabet?
* 1.b (1 point): What are they?
* 1.c (6 points): Arrange these letters from most common to least common.

Question 2

* 2.a (1 point): What is most common letter in the English language?
* 2.b (4 points): How common is it? (If you had 100 random letters, how many of them would be this letter)
* 2.c (5 points): If you had 20 million letters, on average how many of these would be the letter Q?

Question 3

* 3 (4 points): Name the characters in Snood.

Question 4

* 4.a (3 points): What is the name of the mass-combat software used in the Lord of the Rings?
* 4.b (4 points): What makes this program cutting-edge technology?

Question 5

* 5.a (1 point): How many seconds are in a year?
* 5.b (1 point): How many seconds are in a ten years?
* 5.c (3 points): What is atomic time?

Question 6

* 6.a (1 point): Who holds world record for longest free fall?
* 6.b (1 point): How far was it?
* 6.c (3 points): Where was the plane headed when it exploded?
* 6.d (3 points): Whodunnit?

Question 7

* 7.a (1 point): How big was Urban's cannon?
* 7.b (2 points): How did the attackers eventually take the city Urban's cannon was shooting at, but horribly missing?

Question 8

* 8.a (3 points): What is the sum of all numbers between n and 0? (n being some integer, n > 0)
* 8.b (3 points): What is the sum of all numbers between n and m? (n and m being some integers, n > m > 0)

Question 9

* 9 (1 point): What does an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search mean?

Question 10

* 10.a (4 points): Not counting those in laboratories, what was the first life form purposely eliminated from the earth?
* 10.b (3 points): When did WHO declare this life form eradicated?
* 10.c (2 points): Who was the last person killed by this life form?
* 10.d (3 points): When did this person die?

Question 11

* 11.a (1 point): What fortress in London lies on the north bank of the Thames?
* 11.b (2 points): Who was last person executed there?
* 11.c (3 points): How long were they held captive
* 11.d (3 points): How many times were they shot?

Question 12

* 12.a (7 points): What significant polyamide is formed from p-phenylenediamine and terephthalic acid?
* 12.b (3 points): What is significant about this polyamide?
* 12.c (4 points): What is a byproduct of the reaction that forms this polyamide?
* 12.d (1 points): Who first synthesized this polyamide?
* 12.e (1 points): What noteworthy award did they receive for synthesizing this new polyamide and when did they receive it?
* 12.f (3 points): What was their original field of study and why did they give it up?
* 12.g (1 points): When did they retire?

Question 13

* 13.a (1 point): How many home runs did Babe Ruth have?
* 13.b (1 point): Who broke this record?
* 13.c (2 points): Who pitched the record-breaking home run?

Question 14

* 14.a (1 point): When was the world's first rollercoaster built?
* 14.b (1 point): Where?
* 14.c (2 points): Who designed it?

Question 15

* 15.a (1 point): On what day is Bilbo Baggins's birthday?
* 15.b (2 points): What year was he born?
* 15.c (1 point): What was his father's name?
* 15.d (1 point): What was the name of Bilbo's magical sword?
* 15.e (2 points): Where did he get it?

Questions: 15
Points: 108
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Re: Old Trivia Contest
Monday, February 19th, 2007 at 8:33 pm
Answer 1.a: 28
1.b: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyzäåö
1.c: eantrslidomgfkvhuäpböåcyjxzq

Answer 2.a: e
2.b: 11.79%
2.c: 20,409

Answer 3: Jake, Zod, Midoribe, Geji, Sunny, Mildred, Spike, Numbskull

Answer 4.a: Massive
4.b: Each unit in the massive battle is associated with a mini AI
program. It sees and reacts to the other AIs in the vicinity,
doing things like parrying attacks or jumping out of the way
of a calvary charge.

Answer 5.a: 31536000 seconds
5.b: 315532800 seconds
y---y---y---y---y---y--- y = leap year
x--------x 10 years
315619200 seconds
y---y---y---y---y---y--- y = leap year
x--------x 10 years

5.c: A time-measurement based on the cesium 133 atom and not on the
Earth's revolution around the sun

Answer 6.a: Vesna Vulovic
6.b: 33,330 ft (6.3 miles)
6.c: Denmark
6.d: Ustashe (Croatian National Movement)

Answer 7.a: 27 ft by 2.5 ft
7.b: Kerkoporta Gate was left unlocked (damn janitors)

Answer 8.a: (n^2 + n) / 2
8.b: (n^2 - m^2 + n + m) / 2

Answer 9: An "I'm Feeling Lucky" search means less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.

Answer 10.a: smallpox
10.b: May 8, 1980
10.c: Janet Parker
10.d: September, 1978

Answer 11.a: Tower of London
11.b: Josef Jakobs
11.c: 6 months 15 days
11.d: 8

Answer 12.a: Kevlar
12.b: It is a long chain with three amide linkages to form a fiber five times stronger than
steel that is used in bullet proof vests, canoes, and baseball batting gloves.
12.c: water
12.d: Stephanie Louise Kwolek
12.e: the Perkin Medal in 1997
12.f: medicine, she couldn't afford it
12.g: 1986.

Answer 13.a: 714
13.b: Henry Aaron
13.c: Al Downing

Answer 14.a: 1884
14.b: Coney Island, NY
14.c: Lemarcus Thompson

Answer 15.a: 22nd of September
15.b: 1289
15.c: Drogo
15.d: Sting
15.e: troll's cave
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Re: Old Trivia Contest
Monday, February 19th, 2007 at 8:34 pm
These are from some different trivia contest.

Question 3.a (2 points): When is LiveJournal's birthday?
3.b (2 points): What is the 4th most common country of residence of
LiveJournal users?
3.c (2 points): What is the 4th most common state of residence of
LiveJournal users?
3.d (2 points): Who the hell is Frank?

Answer 3.a: March 18th, 1999
3.b: Russian Federation
3.c: Michigan
3.d: Frank the Goat is LiveJournal's mascot

Question 4.a (3 points): In Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, what is Lawrence's
relation to Randy?
4.b (5 points): Where is Rudy's lover from?

Answer 4.a: grandfather
4.b: Italy

Question 10.a (3 point): Where is a copy of the Caladonian manifesto located?
10.b (6 points): What real-world document is the manifesto based on?

Answer 10.a: Rill the Wise's library in Gnomebarrow
10.b: The Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race
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