Cleric of Aramon Guide

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Cleric of Aramon Guide
Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 5:39 pm
This was originally posted by Lazarus on Domboard

Roleplaying Notes for Clerics of Aramon:

Players choosing to be Clerics of Aramon need to know one thing: they are the most wretched and evil of beings in all of the world. Under Aramon, clerics live to serve themselves and only themselves. If need be, lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, force others to do your will, and live in an unsightly way, for the good of Aramon. The history of Aramon is filled with acts of cruelty, degridation, injustice, and overall distaste towards everyone but themselves. Clerics live to defy others, to work selfishly and hurt others for no reason other than to please Aramon, though those raised under the Aramon religion should be accustomed to enjoying bloodcurtling screams of pain. Deathknights and any undead creature work under the priests of Aramon, and the undead serve as slaves if called upon.

Aramon Strategy:

Due to Aramon's bloodthirsty disposition, even some of the most devilish and evil of undead creatures will not be aggressive towards them. The priests of Aramon can tame the undead with the special ability known as enthrall, and keep them under their charm for a long period of time. Also, using the coveted skill known as animate, Clerics of Aramon may call forth from the earth an undead creature to aid them in their work. The ability to bring creatures back from the dead to do the Aramon Clerics' bidding is a clear demonstration of the power that the priests have over the undead. It is important for a cleric of Aramon to pray before invoking the help of the undead because piety helps to lengthen the duration of the pet. As Clerics of Aramon grow, gain more strength and skill, so too do the undead pets they animate. Finally at a high level the Aramon cleric learns of the spell bloodfusion. With this powerful spell they may resurrect undead players from a non-pkill death, restoring back 80 percent of the lost experience points. (Help bloodfusion)

Leveling Suggestions:

For the first 10 levels or so, Aramon clerics can be a troublesome class to play. Your vigs aren't amazing yet and your pets don't make too much of a difference, but they are still important. However after you get those levels out of the way, you'll start to notice big differences in the abilities of your pets. So here are some suggestions of where to level your new aramon cleric.:
1-4: For the first level, as with most class beginnings, it might just be best to stick to the Highport square killing anything your weapon comes into contact with. Any monsters that say Perfect Match will be easy experience until you have another level under your belt. After gaining that tedious level it'd be good to start finding some good aligned mobs to kill, next stop Southbeach. From Southbeach Avenue and Kilborn Street head to the gate, then two west and you'll find a spot where 4 different crabs spawn. Make note that only two of these types are Light Blue, which you want to kill to get more evil. Those two are the Large Green crabs and the Grey crabs, so make sure to kill them by colour (k green/ k grey). Fighting here until you're level 3 or 4 should be a piece of cake, but after this you'll need some gold *faint*.

4-8 A perfect place to both get gold and experience all the way up to 8 even is none other than Woodinville. Directions to Woodinville killing spots are as follows: From the Southwest gate in Highport head west/southwest until you get to the big intersection, then head straight south. After u go south once from that intersection just type go s and hit that enter button till there's no more south to go. =) Here you'll see the hall exit, this leads to woodinville officials which can drop heartwood wands which sell for 600-800 gold each, very good money for the exp they give. Two east of here is the clinic, and if you don't feel like killing officials you can head all the way west from here then north to the lilac house to find lilac ladies. Both these mobs give decent exp and good gold, good for leveling all the way up to 8, or even 10 if you want to be safe. Leveling to 8 here will ensure that you will always have enough gold to level and extra. As well you'll never have to worry about your alignment which is always nice. Leveling here will be really easy if you can somewhat time your animates with when you have to tick. Always use pray before animate so that it lasts longer, then head out to lilacs or officials and keep your pet alive (and yourself) then if things work out your pet will leave and you'll rest soon after. Then by the time you go back to leveling you can animate again. It doesn't always work that way but it makes things a lot easier when it does.

8+ Basically from here there are two nice and easy places to level, though it's not the greatest for gold. One you can start killing at the docks..with a nice pet you can make easy experience just sitting at the docks killing longshoremen/peg legs/artillery officers and after some levels grizzled boatswains and weathered old pirates too...sell whatever you can cause you'll need the money. Another place, recommended for at least level 13 is at Seagul and Mug in Breakwater, but only with a decent group. If you have others in your party that don't have to rely on you for vigs then exp will fly by here, if you do have to vig them. It'd mean more time ticking :P. At the lower level (8-10) it'd be easier to fight longshoremen only really when you have a pet, and if that's too dangerous just stick to lilacs and officials for gold too, or you can wait to see if longshoremen wield either an iron dagger or an adamantine steel flail and fight those ones since they will hit you for less.
Another note, if you feel like killing something evil, you still can. As long as you're reddish you'll still have the ability to animate, if you lose that ability then it is suggested to get reddish again. Worst i've been with Arc is Royal Blue (don't ask), and it was not fun getting myself back to blood red =/.
These strategies are just my own opinion so you don't have to listen to me, but once you're playing long enough you'll get used to what you can kill, or want to kill. Then again don't be afraid to explore, that's what wimpy and hazies are for =).
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Re: Cleric of Aramon Guide
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 11:19 am
Aramon will Rule all!
The rise of the Evil Lord is back destroy all other religous up rises no questions asked! although one question? what level is bloodfusion wasn't in the help file?

Re: Cleric of Aramon Guide
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 10:14 pm
It looks like you may cast it at level 22.
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