Free perms, anyone?

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Free perms, anyone?
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 1:02 am
I have found a cloning facility!
(50 H 0 M): save
Player saved.
(50 H 0 M): You didn't find anything.
(50 H 0 M): A logger just arrived.
(50 H 0 M): l log
You see a logger.
He looks like a lumber jack dressed in plaids and coveralls.
He is in excellent condition.
He might be tough to kill.
(50 H 0 M): save
Player saved.
(50 H 0 M): Dregmurr the Inkeeper just arrived.
l saw
(50 H 0 M): You see a sawmill worker.
He is setting up a log for the loggers to cut.
He is in excellent condition.
He is a perfect match for you!
(50 H 0 M): l

Burgam Sawmill

This is the sawmill.
The bustle of activity continues. Here, the blood of the town flows.
Workers haul in fresh logs to be cut. Loggers, teamed up, are busy
cutting lumber from the logs laid out. Workers carry the wet lumber
to a storage shed at the back of the mill for drying. Others load
wagons with seasoned lumber for tranport. A few workers move about
cleaning up the piles of sawdust left behind. 
Obvious exits: road.
You see two Dregmurr the Inkeepers, a logger, a mule, a sawmill worker.

(50 H 0 M): save
Player saved.
(50 H 0 M): go r

Re: Free perms, anyone?
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 10:37 am
Excerpt from the Highport Daily:
After an anonymous tip about a cloning facility located in Burgam, a
joint force of Highport guards and soldiers from Durgas Falls raided
the facility, which had been disguised as a sawmill. Two drow wizards
were discovered on location, but quickly fled after a brief battle and
are currently at large. The inquisitors of Sigil have warned its
citizens to be on the lookout for these wizards, but it is likely they
have returned to Oakspire by now.

Workers returned to work at the sawmill shortly after the police force
finished dismantling the hidden cloning facility. Burgam is expected to
see no disruption in service due to the incident.
Angel Heaven doesn't want me and Hell is afraid I'll take over. Evil

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