But which scroll is which?!

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But which scroll is which?!
Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 11:50 am
Do you find yourself wondering "WHAT SCROLL IS THIS?!?!"
Well your wondering days are over!

Feel free too add any I forgot too.

Level 1 Spells

chalky parchment - zephyr
soaring papyrus - zephyr
whistling papyrus - zephyr
flying parchment - zephyr
airy parchment - zephyr
windy parchment - zephyr
flying papyrus - zephyr
invisible papyrus - zephyr
breathing parchment - zephyr
airy papyrus - zephyr
translucent parchment - zephyr
translucent papyrus - zephyr
airy papyrus - zephyr

drab scroll - rumble
unbreakable parchment - rumble
sandy parchment - rumble
sandy papyrus - rumble
earthen parchement - rumble
hardened parchment - rumble
dirty parchment - rumble
dusty parchment - rumble
metallic papyrus - rumble
metallic parchment - rumble
petrified papyrus - rumble

sea-blue scroll - blister
sea blue papyrus - blister
waterlogged papyrus - blister
coral papyrus - blister
indigo scroll - blister
azurite parchment - blister
misty parchment - blister
wet papyrus - blister
wet parchment - blister
misty papyrus - blister
watery parchment - blister
waterproof papyrus - blister
seaweed parchment - blister
seaweed papyrus - blister
waterlogged parchment - blister

burgundy scroll - burn
burnt scroll - burn
burnt parchment - burn
blackened papyrus - burn
blackened parchment - burn
seething scroll - burn
heated parchment - burn
heated papyrus - burn
scorched parchment - burn
scorched papyrus - burn
white-hot parchment - burn
burning papyrus - burn
seething parchment - burn

bipolar papyrus - zap
conductive papyrus - zap
sparking parchment - zap
ozone parchment - zap
crackling-blue scroll - zap

Level 2 Spells

windy scroll - dustgust
airy scroll - dustgust
breathing scroll - dustgust
whistling scroll - dustgust
transparent scroll - dustgust
transparent journal - dustgust
translucent journal - dustgust
soaring journal - dustgust
flying scroll - dustgust
whisping scroll - dustgust
windy journal - dustgust
whistling journal - dustgust
invisible journal - dustgust
breathing journal - dustgust
whisping journal - dustgust

unbreakable scroll - crush
unbreakable journal - crush
hardened journal - crush
terran journal - crush
metallic scroll - crush
metallic journal - crush
earthen tablet - crush
petrified scroll - crush
petrified parchment - crush
dusty scroll - crush
dusty journal - crush
terran scroll - crush
sandy tablet - crush
earthy journal - crush
hardened scroll - crush

misty journal - waterbolt
saltwater journal - waterbolt
watery journal - waterbolt
sea blue journal - waterbolt
azurite scroll - waterbolt
azurite journal - waterbolt
wet journal - waterbolt
coral scroll - waterbolt
seaweed parchment - waterbolt
waterproof scroll - waterbolt
waterproof journal - waterbolt

seething journal - fireball
burnt journal - fireball
scorched journal - fireball
scorched scroll - fireball
burning scroll - fireball
magma journal - fireball
burning journal - fireball
magma scroll - fireball
red-hot scroll - fireball
red-hot journal - fireball
firey journal - firebal
fiery scroll - fireball
blackened journal - fireball
white-hot parchment - fireball

ozone scroll - lightning-bolt
bipolar scroll - lightning-bolt
shocking journal - lightning-bolt
electric journal - lightning-bolt
crackling journal - lightning-bolt
conductive journal - lightning-bolt
crackling scroll - lightning-bolt

ice blue scroll - frostbite
icy scroll - frostbite
arctic scroll - frostbite
frozen scroll - frostbite
dry ice scroll - frostbite
icy journal - frostbite

Level 3 Spells

soaring tablet - whirlwind
soaring spellbook - whirlwind
windy spellbook - whirlwind
whisping spellbook - whirlwind
flying tablet - whirlwind
transparent tablet - whirlwind

terran tablet - shatterstone
terran spellbook - shatterstone
metallic tablet - shatterstone
unbreakable tablet - shatterstone
earthy tablet - shatterstone
earthy journal - shatterstone
dirty spellbook - shatterstone
dirty tablet - shatterstone
sandy spellbook - shatterstone

watery tablet - steamblast
waterproof tablet - steamblast
misty tablet - steamblast
sea blue spellbook - steamblast
coral tablet - steamblast
waterlogged tablet - steamblast
waterlogged journal - steamblast
marbled blue scroll - steamblast
wet tablet - steamblast

red-hot spellbook - burstflame
scorched spellbook - burstflame
white-hot tablet - burstflame
burning tablet - burstflame
heated tablet - burstflame
firey spellbook - burstflame
firey tablet - burstflame
seething spellbook - burstflame
magma spellbook - burstflame
magma tablet - burstflame

frosty tablet - sleet

Miscellaneous Spells

key-locked scroll - knock

Fading-ink scroll - magic missile

crimson scroll - stun

rotting parchment - mend-wounds

ebony scroll - detect-magic

red and blue scroll - know-aura

silver-tubed scroll - vigor

orangish scroll - slow-poison

velvet red scroll - protection

opaline scroll - bless

flesh-colored scroll - song of protection

redvine scroll - track

winged unicorn feather - fly

Hippogriff Crown - Levitate

Asbestus Scroll - Heat Protection

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 7:37 pm

I just thought I'd chime in with the "official" scrolls. As you know, monsters can randomly drop a scroll with a random spell on it. Some monsters, like Rollo with fireball, are designed to drop specific spells. Here are those scrolls:

Level 1 Spells
chalky parchment - zephyr
drab scroll - rumble
indigo scroll - blister
burgundy scroll - burn

Level 2 Spells
dust-covered scroll - dustgust
earthen tablet - crush
dampened scroll - waterbolt
scorched scroll - fireball

Level 3 Spells
cream scroll - whirlwind
obsidian scroll - shatterstone
marbled blue scroll - steamblast
fiery parchment - burstflame
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Re: But which scroll is which?!
Friday, March 23rd, 2007 at 10:27 am
Snowflake = Sleet :P

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Sunday, March 25th, 2007 at 7:25 pmEdits: 2   Last Edit: Fri, 11 May 2007 1:46 pm
Breathing Tablet = Whirlwind

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 8:57 am
Someone should put this in the wiki.

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 2:22 pm
I started adding these under "Spells" in the wiki. After I did earth spells 1-4 I had a discussion with Delta about doing the rest. I decided that since we're going to redo the spell system it would probably make sense to hold off on adding all the spell info so I don't have to redo it all later.

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 2:47 pm
I stuck the random spell drop scrolls into the wiki. Since I pulled the names straight out of the code, it wasn't terribly difficult.

Re: But which scroll is which?!
Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 12:29 amEdits: 4   Last Edit: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 7:03 pm
The copper parchment (M) is a scroll, with the zap spell.
The magnetic papyrus is a scroll, with the zap spell.
The ice blue papyrus (M) is a scroll, with the chill spell.
The icy parchment (M) is a scroll, with the chill spell.
The arctic parchment (M) is a scroll, with the chill spell.
The dry ice papyrus (M) is a scroll, with the chill spell.

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