Code: Darkmetal

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Code: Darkmetal
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 at 2:28 pm
Darkmetal has now been coded.

Darkmetal is essentially an item trait that makes it vulnerable to sunlight. This is common on drow weapons, which can reach enchantments of +4 and +5. However, such items require careful attention.

Your darkmetal items are safe if:
  • It is nighttime.
  • You are in Limbo or the Origin.
  • The room you are in is always dark / magically dark.
  • The room you are in is indoors / underground.
  • The room you are in is not on this plane of existence (think Ethereal Plane).
  • Your darkmetal item is in a bag.

If your darkmetal item is not safe, it will be destroyed the instant it is exposed to sunlight.
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