Two spells in, City-themed armor

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Two spells in, City-themed armor
Friday, May 22nd, 2009 at 11:27 pm
Two new spells are in! Thanks to Zerk's prodding, I looked into cure-blindness, only to find that the key wouldn't let you into the area you need to get to. I also added the portal spell. Check your local libraries for more information.

There are now suits of armor themed for a particular city.
: k gua
You attack the halfling guard.
You punched the halfling guard for 355 damage.
You killed the halfling guard.
You gain 73 experience for the death of the halfling guard.
Your faction standing with The Citizens of Gnomebarrow has gotten worse.
The halfling guard was carrying: a Gnomebarrow chainmail hood, some Gnomebarrow platemail boots.
The guards are tough and the faction hit they give is nasty, so I would suggest stealing over fighting. The armor isn't that great, either, it's mostly for roleplaying purposes. If we could code it, it'd be awesome to give you a suit of Highport armor for pledging to the Highport Guard.
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