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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 7:50 pm

Zerk's Shop Storage Room

All exits: out.
You see four Br's facemasks (+1), two Kakkaran sand cloaks (+3), seven alanthium corbite rings (+3)(n), two astral driftmetal girdles (+3), an astral driftmetal ring (+3), an
astral helm (+3), an azurite tablet (M), some black leather boots (+1), some black leather boots (+4), a blackened tablet (M), a blackjack (+4),
fourteen blaster wands (M), three blood potions (M), two sets of boots of quickness (+2), a burnt spellbook (M), a cancellation rod (M), three
chacruna stems (+0)(n), 32 clear blue potions (M), four cloaks of darkness (+3), three cloud hammers (+2), fifteen commander's sabres (+1), a
cottage key, a crystal-clear potion (M), two displacer cloaks (+2), three dried demon skins (M), seven dustblades (+2), a dwarven iron gauntlets,
three earth staffs (+1), an earthen tablet (M), an earthy tablet (M), an elephant tusk, some elven ring mail gloves (+3), an elven ring mail hood,
some elven ring mail sleeves (+3), seven faerie cook's cleavers (+2), three sets of fairy dust (M), three feather wands (M), six flaming staffs
(M), two fragile vampire tooths, a frozen scroll (M), a glacier wolf pelt, a glacier-spiked buckler (+2), two sets of glacier-studded gloves (+1),
a glass-crystal blade (+3), a greater elven staff (+1), three grey potions (M), five hammer of flattenings (+2), a holy ring of Enoch's blessing
(+3)(n), four ice-bound tablets (M), nine ice-encrusted silks (+3)(n), an ivory coral wand (M), some jewel encrusted feces (M), a lacy black bra
(+1), a lightweight whip (+1), four long black wands (M), two midnight-black parchaments (M), a misty tablet (M), ten sets of mithril-studded
gloves (+1), two sets of mucura hembra (+0)(n), a mud ball, a nightmare sceptre (M), a note from Gorber, an orcish jagged axe (+1)(n), four pebble
launchers, a playboy magazine, a playboy magazine issue #2, a razor-steel buckler, a red wooden cow, a red-hot spellbook (M), two red-hot tablets
(M), a rothe hoof, seven rune-encrusted daggers (+3), two saltwater spellbooks (M), a saltwater tablet (M), a sanguine chain hood (+2), four
sanguine chain shirts (+2), two shifting masks (+2), a shot of Tahbiti quicksilver (M), a silver gnome hammer, two silver two-handed swords (+3), a
silvered battle-axe (+2), five sets of snow, a soaring spellbook (M), three solid mithril rings, a soulripper's hook (+3), a spectral netherwhip
(+2), a spectral orb (+3), some spider silk, two spiked chain gloveses, a spyglass (M), a stormblade (+2), some svirfneblin plate mail (+3), two
swirling blue vials (M), a tan potion (M), four tangerine potions (M), a thaumaturgical orb (+2), three transparent potions (M), a troll grand helm
(+3)(n), some ucho sanango (+0)(n), a vampire fang (+2), two velvet red scrolls (M), eight wand of earth summonings (M) (h), two wands of ice (M),
a whip of torture (+3), a whisping spellbook (M), two sets of white dragonscale armor (+3), some wrist blades, twenty-seven sets of yellow mold
(M), five yellow-orange potions (M), a yeti pelt.

(30000 H 30000 M): grin
You grin evilly.
(30000 H 30000 M):
"There's nothing wrong with shooting, so long as the right people get shot." --Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force

Re: Evil
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 9:00 pm
No...evil would be...

: *pur
: l

Zerk's Shop Storage Room

All exits: out. 


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