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Thank you for wimpy
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 2:26 am
Priest's Chamber

This is the chamber of the resident priest of Ares.
A small bed of straw is in the corner of this simple room.
A variety of weapons can be seen hanging on the walls. Some of
them are bloodstained or rusted. All have the symbols of
Ares engraved into them. Priests of Ares live for nothing
but the thirst for battle, destruction, and violence.
Obvious exits: arch.
You see Blink.
You see Kifc (M), Rellik the King of Schnai.
You see a Sceptre of Ares (+4).
Kifc (M) is attacking Blink.
Rellik the King of Schnai is attacking you.

(144 H 130 M): c stun r
Stun cast on Rellik the King of Schnai.
(144 H 120 M): Kifc (M) casts a earth-tremor spell on Blink.
Kifc (M) cast a earth-tremor spell on Blink for 33 damage, he's a little battered.
(144 H 120 M): k k
You repulsed Kifc (M) for 59 damage.
(144 H 120 M): Please wait 2.9 more seconds.
(144 H 120 M): l kifc
You see Kifc (M).
He looks quite deadly. he is a powerful priest of Ares.
Kifc (M) has a grey aura.
He is wincing in pain.
He looks very angry at you.
He is attacking you.
You could kill him with a needle.
(144 H 120 M): k k
Please wait 1.3 more seconds.
(144 H 120 M): k k
Blink casts a mend-wounds spell on himself.
Please wait 0.8 more seconds.
(144 H 120 M): k k
Please wait 0.5 more seconds.
(144 H 120 M): Rellik the King of Schnai destroyed you for 55 damage.
Your pointy wizard's hat just got a little more scratched.
Your practice pays off, you have become better at Cloth Armor!
Rellik the King of Schnai destroyed Herb for 55 damage, he's noticeably bleeding.
Kifc (M) casts a atrophy spell on you for 61 damage.
Kifc (M) cast a atrophy spell on Herb for 61 damage, he isn't going to last much longer.
You flee in terror.
You drop your weapon.

Temple of Ares

You are at the center of the Temple of Ares.
The ceiling is high and vaulted here. A small obelisk of
red stone sits in the center of the room. A flame burns at
it's top, fueled by some unknown means. Symbols of Ares
are carved all over the stone as if by a master sculptor.
Steps lead up to the north to a platform, where priests
insight crowds of barbarians to a fury of bloodlust.
Obvious exits: south, arch, steps.

(28 H 120 M): 
Blink just arrived.
Blink just fled rapidly into the room.
(33 H 120 M): ### Blink group mentioned, "owned".

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