Near Death

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Near Death
Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 9:40 pm
(27 H 7 M): c light p
You cast a lightning-bolt spell on the purple aboleth (M).
The spell did 55 damage.
You killed the purple aboleth (M).
You gain 4000 experience for the death of the purple aboleth (M).
The purple aboleth was carrying: 6709 gold coins.
The angry aboleth (M) tentacle-slapped you for 26 damage.
(1 H 0 M): recall 
Beginning recall sequence.
Recall potion found: smokey potion. Initiating auto-recall.
You phase in and out of existence.

The Origin

You find yourself at the Origin.
If you are new to this mud, type go tutorial to enter the tutorial section.
This is the Origin of Life, a spiritual place where all living creatures
enter the world of Derlith. A magnificent door carved out of a single
piece of jade and decorated with the finest gems and metals leads to the
world beyond. The Book of Knowledge, an ancient tome some saw was written
by the gods themselves when they created Derlith, floats about the area.
An obsidian obelisk placed near the jade door has some information carved
on it regarding this world.
Obvious exits: jade door.
You see a Book of Knowledge, an obsidian obelisk.

You phase in and out of existance.
Potion drank.
(1 H 0 M): sc
Herb the Archmage (level 27) *Poisoned*
   1/139 Hit Points    0/135 Magic Points     Armor: 442 (45%)
 13806116 Experience      43615 Gold Pieces    XP Needed: 893,884
(1 H 0 M): quit
Please wait 1 more second.
(1 H 0 M): quit
Please wait 1 more second.
(1 H 0 M): quit

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