Epic Fail

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Epic Fail
Monday, March 17th, 2008 at 2:52 am
A low point in the life of a dwarf. Group member hazies, and body explodes...what a way to die =P

(71 H 28 M): Zerk disappears.
A deputy mystic just arrived.
The deputy mystic attacks you.
The half-orc deputy tried to kick you.
Sheriff Ulath Durgal casts a dispel-good spell on you.
You take 103 points of damage as your soul is ripped apart!
Your body explodes! You die!
Sheriff Ulath Durgal killed you!
### Sadly, Deltoid was killed by Sheriff Ulath Durgal.
You have become afflited with death sickness.
You have lost 179868 experience.
You fumble your weapon.

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