never leaving pet... lol. -

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never leaving pet... lol. -
Thursday, March 15th, 2018 at 10:07 pm

The current time in the world of Derlith:
It is the 16th of Sejna, the 7th month of the year. It is Summer.
It has been 434 years since the fall of the Kingdom of Bordia.
The time is 2:49 PM. It is day, the sun will set in 6 hours.
Time left before next bard song: 0 seconds.
Time left before next charm: 0 seconds.
Time left before next identify: 0 seconds.
Time left before creature following you leaves/fades: -1521169544 seconds

(97 H 62 M):
(Gossip) Someone sent, "be back later"
(97 H 62 M):
A cloven-hoofed beggar just arrived.
(97 H 62 M):
The sickly faun just hobbled to the south.
The cloven-hoofed beggar attacks you.
You are now targeting cloven-hoofed beggar.
(97 H 62 M):
You shot the cloven-hoofed beggar for 32 damage.
(97 H 62 M): pet

Your pet:
sabre-tooth gnome - 74/ 74 Hp - 84/ 86 Mp
(97 H 62 M):
The sabre-tooth gnome jumps to your aid!!
The cloven-hoofed beggar hit you for 2 damage.
Your gorgon scale boots just got a little more scratched.
(95 H 62 M):
You shot the cloven-hoofed beggar for 32 damage.
You killed the cloven-hoofed beggar.
You gain 23 experience for the death of the cloven-hoofed beggar.
Your faction standing with Minotaurs of Ruhrdan has improved.
The cloven-hoofed beggar was carrying: 25 gold coins.
You are no longer targeting cloven-hoofed beggar!

Re: never leaving pet... lol. -
Friday, March 16th, 2018 at 11:40 pm
That happens alot

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