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Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 7:23 pm
(144 H 79 M 1,052,474X): Your crystal rapier glows with power against Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination.
You stabbed Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination for 137 damage.
### Sadly, Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination was killed by Duff.
You killed Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination.
You gain 980 experience for the death of Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination.
Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination dropped his weapon: a masterwork falchion (+1)
Murrzak the Yuan-Ti Abomination was carrying: a masterwork falchion (+3), 3924 gold
(144 H 79 M 1,051,494X): l
Cave of Murrzak

This is the home of Murrzak.
Obvious exits: out.
You see a masterwork falchion (+1), a masterwork falchion (+3).

(144 H 74 M 1,051,494X): You have: two bag of holdings(K), a dragonskin bag(K), a guardsman's axe, a loot
bag(K), a smokey potion.
(144 H 74 M 1,051,494X):

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