We rock

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We rock
Thursday, June 5th, 2008 at 2:09 pm
Dark Cave

You are in a dark cave.
Obvious exits: west, northeast.
You see two green dragon hatchlings.

You triggered a gas trap!
Gas rapidly fills the room!
You managed to hold your breath.
(69 H): flee
You flee aimlessly in any direction you can.

Dark Cave

You are in a dark cave.
Obvious exits: south, east.
You see a green dragon hatchling.

You triggered a falling block!
The block hits you in a glancing blow
as you quickly dive out of the way..
You lost 84 hit points.
### Sadly, Zerk was crushed to death by a giant stone block.
You have become afflicted with death sickness.
You have lost 458731 experience.


You are dead. You are in Limbo. It's a terrible place.
Obvious exits: light.
You see Xerxes.

(339 H): Xerxes acks.
(339 H): laugh
You fall down laughing.
(339 H): laugh
You fall down laughing.
(339 H): Xerxes falls down laughing.
(339 H): say damn trap
You say, "damn trap".
(339 H): Xerxes says, "we rock".
(339 H): Xerxes vomits all over the ground.
(339 H): Xerxes thinks carefully.
(339 H): rofl
You roll on the ground laughing.
(339 H): sc
Zerk the Bloodthirst Titan (level 30)
339/339 Hit Points Armor: 0 (0%)
22477825 Experience 39928 Gold Pieces XP Needed: infinity

Bank Balance: 849909 gold coins.
Total Inventory Assets: 390756 gold.

Your size is: large.
Spells under: bless, detect-invisibility, detect-magic, fly, know-aura, levitation, protection, stun.

Saving Throw Resistances
Mental Attacks.............Superb
MCCP Disabled

Re: We rock
Friday, June 6th, 2008 at 2:07 am
You should have pulled an Indiana Jones and avoided it by running away. Or, at least, a penitent man.

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